About DuCIRCLE Rewards

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What Is DuCIRCLE Rewards

This is a new kind of loyalty and rewards experience for everyone, everywhere in Iraq. It leaps years beyond simply giving a discount to creating a more sophisticated technology orientated program that can truly reward customer loyalty and increase revenue for businesses.

What We Do

We are a different kind of loyalty solution provider. We offer a wide range of loyalty services to our partners, including customer programmes, loyalty management tools, technology solutions, data and customer insights. These are ways we enable our partner businesses to engage, reward and retain their customers to drive traffic and increase sales. A different kind of marketing that fits local businesses despite their size and meets customers demand.

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Our Products


A mobile app that allows customers to receive and redeem offers wherever they go. As well as businesses to award DuCIRCLE points to their customers in-store as a reward for their purchases.

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Connect Card and eWallet

A way of connecting customer’s payment card or/and e-wallet account with their DuCIRCLE membership number, allowing them to collect rewards automatically when using these payment methods in-store and online.

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API Integration

An API platform that allows a seamless integration with businesses to quickly and easily develop programs that utilise DuCIRCLE points.

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DuCIRCLE Is Shaping The Loyalty Industry In Iraq DON’T BE WITHOUT IT