DuCIRCLE is a customer loyalty program that allows you to collect reward points every time you shop with our partner retailers and service providers. You can collect reward points when you make purchases at our partner stores, make a flight and hotel booking, eat out, shop online and much more.

Becoming a member of DuCIRCLE is rewarding. You can get points for every purchase you make and once you’ve collected enough you can spend it for rewards such as hotel stay, discounts at various retail outlets and restaurants, shopping online and much more. You will be sure to get something back on every Dinar spent

To register on the DuCIRCLE rewards programme, enter a valid email address or mobile number and follow the simple steps prompted. Once you have completed registration you can manage your personal details, see how you’ve collected or spent points and benefit from special offers and promotions.

No, you do not have to pay to become a DuCIRCLE member.

You earned your reward points now enjoy them by spending it to have a meal out, money off your purchase at your favourite shop, book a flight and much more.

You can save with DuCIRCLE by using your reward points as part payment for your purchases with selected partners online and instore.

There are many ways to collect reward points with DuCIRCLE. Book flights or making purchases online using one of our partners payment card or e-wallet, shopping at your favourite retail stores within our circle, eating out at restaurants and many more.

If you feel there are missing DuCIRCLE points please contact our Customer Service support team on 0750 020 0200. Alternatively contact us via email [email protected]

No, to benefit from our partner services you must be a resident in Iraq.

Download the DuCIRCLE app from the Appstore or Google Play to view your balance and monitor your transactions in your own convenience on the Activity section

Your DuCIRCLE points will take up to 24 hours to appear on the Activity section on the app. If you have made a refund, your awarded points will be deducted accordingly too.

Yes, you can collect DuCIRCLE points by shopping online and using our partner NassPay Mastercard. You will receive points for every purchase made using your NassPay Mastercard and every time you make a reload.

Your DuCIRCLE points stay with you as long as you collect, spend, purchase or share with friends and family. But if you don’t collect or spend any points within a year, we assume you no longer want to take part in the DuCIRCLE programme and close your account.

Be the first to know about new ways to collect and spend points and sign up for our email newsletters. We also share exciting updates through our social media account. For all your personalised offers in one place download the DuCIRCLE App.

You will get a new offer once a week and from time to time even more often depending on how much you have spent with our partner network. Make sure you download the DuCIRCLE App on the App Store or Google Play to never miss out on an offer.

Yes, you can share your reward points with friends and family by transferring it to them directly from the DuCIRCLE app with just a few taps. That way, they can enjoy their offers sooner. Terms and condition apply.

How do I refer friends to join DuCIRCLE? You can easily refer friends, family members and businesses to join DuCIRCLE. Just use the app to share your unique referral link with your contacts. To share your referral link, follow these steps in the app:

  1. Select Account Menu
  2. Select Refer a Friend on the Home page
  3. Tap Share Referral Link

From there you can share your link using any of the messaging app of your choice. Alternatively, you can copy the link and share it anywhere you want.

When your referred friend opens your link, they’ll be prompted to enter some details, so we know that you referred them, download the App and meet the referral condition.

You can refer as many friends as you wish, and you will both get rewarded. The more people you refer, the more you can earn. For every referral who successfully signs up to DuCIRCLE we’ll send you a referral bonus. Your friend will also receive bonus points to get them started on enjoining the benefits of DuCIRCLE.

When your friend downloads the DuCIRCLE app and opens their account we’ll consider it a successful referral. They must enter their details using your unique referral link in order for us to know you referred them. Any account is eligible, whether it’s for personal or business use. To be eligible, your friend can’t already be a DuCIRCLE customer.

When your friend signs up and meets the condition, you will receive an email informing you about the number of bonus points you have earned for your successful referral.

If you have forgotten your username password, it’s easy and convenient to reset it.

  1. Go to the DuCIRCLE login page on the app.
  2. Click on Forgotten your password. Having trouble logging in?
  3. Enter your email or mobile number you use to log in and continue.
  4. To keep your account safe, we’ll send a secure link with a verification code to your email or mobile number. When you click on the link provided, you’ll be able to choose a new password.
  5. Enter the verification code on DuCIRCLE App and choose your new password.

It is as easy as that, and we will take you to the login screen. Once here enter your username and new password and you are ready to enjoy browsing and using your offers instantly.

The easiest way to update your details is on the DuCIRCLE app. In the user profile page, you can change your details and password with just a few taps instantly.

No. You cannot change your username

You can update your birthday in the user profile page directly from DuCIRCLE app.

Changing your password is very easy. In the user profile page on DuCIRCLE App, click on “want to change your password?”, enter your new password and click save.

If you are using android, you can reset which language, Kurdish, Arabic or English you want to use by simply selecting it from the log in page of the app or from your user profile page. For iOS the app will automatically download in your handset default language. If you want to change it, then update it from your handset’s settings.